Air Quality Testing in Wixom, MI

Air quality testing may be something that a lot of homeowners forget to do. Though malfunctioning plumbing or electricity is more obvious, your ducts control the airflow through your home, and if you do not conduct air quality service to your home, you may be risking dust build up mold or asbestos. Mold spores in your ducts can become dangerous for the home’s inhabitants and lower your air quality. With AAQ Advanced Air Quality Inc., we can perform air quality testing in your home for mold detection purposes or just to see if you asbestos removal.

Air Quality Testing

Our company does mold testing and asbestos testing. We even do water damage restoration and more! When it comes to air quality, we are the best in the industry. Even if you do not have mold, dust build alone up can increase inhabitants’ issues with allergies and asthma. AAQ Advanced Air Quality Inc. can help you get cleaner air and reassure you of your air quality.

AAQ. Inc. specializes in:

  • Emergency Water Extraction- Flooded Basement, Sewer Water
  • Water Damage Mitigation - Wet Drywall - Carpet & Ceiling Tile
  • Mold Remediation- Attic Mold Removal, Basement & Crawlspace
  • Asbestos Abatement- 9X9 floor tile, plaster and pipe insulation

Our client list includes schools, hospitals, churches, residential property, and government facilities. Servicing the entire state of Michigan. Accreditation and certification have been obtained from a variety of schools and organizations, including the IICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, Louisiana State University, The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC), and the University of Philadelphia Science Center, PA. We also have specialized training in structural drying, Asbestos licensed contractor, licensed builder, and Certified Mold Remediation and Certified Mold Inspector. For more information regarding all of our services, contact AAQ Advanced Air Quality Inc. in Wixom, MI today! We cannot wait to assist you!


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