Interior Demolition

Selective Demolition

Our selective demolition services are invaluable for a customer that may want to demolish a building or structure that is attached to a building or structure they wish to keep. Examples include:

  • Dismantle and removal of unwanted warehouse sections
  • Removal of penthouses
  • Chimney or stack demolition
  • Silo Demolition
  • Air handling system or dust collection system removals
  • Selective dismantle of obsolete structures
  • Remodel of ABC Warehouse- Circuit City- Linen n Things

AAQ, Inc. takes pride in its efforts to protect the environment. Our state-of-the-art equipment and containment building techniques allows for a virtually dust free interior demolition project. This is important on some jobs, for instance, we performed a job for Sears and Crowleys Department stores at night in the clothing section which consisted of removing fiberglass ceiling tiles, drywall, and old carpet. Obviously the customers do not want to purchase contaminated clothing with drywall and fiberglass dust that will cause skin irritations and itching. Each night when the store closed we constructed plastic walls and critical barriers over roughly 3,000 square feet and by mourning the demo was completed and the section was turned back over to the client dust free avoiding any revenue loss.

We are aggressive recyclers, more so than other demolition companies. We recycle as much material as possible on site. Hefty material recovery means more money paid by the recycling centers. At AAQ Inc, we pass that money on to you by way of a reduced demolition rate. This makes our pricing very competitive. AAQ, Inc. aggressively recycles. We have the demolition know-how and a wide network for the sale of reusable materials. This makes for a hefty materials recovery from many of our jobs. Our customers like that because we pass along the salvage value by way of reduced demolition rates. Save some serious money on your next demo job.