Raccoon Feces Removal

Having a raccoon problem can be extremely frustrating. They are very intelligent, strong, and have an uncanny ability to locate weak areas in your home. They fit in vents, roof overlaps, gutter boards, and roof vents, which are all potential access points in which they may leave their feces. At AAQ Advanced Air Quality Inc., we look at every nook and corner to make sure not one dropping is left behind.

Once inside your home, raccoon feces and urine can wreak havoc and leave a nasty odor which permeates throughout the property. Unless you see urine stains in the ceiling drywall, you may not even know where the source of the foul odor is coming from, which can be detrimental to the indoor air quality of your home. And even worse, their feces usually contains raccoon roundworm. If not properly removed, the spores in their feces can be inhaled by humans or pets, causing potential serious health hazards. Let the raccoon feces removal experts from AAQ Advanced Air Quality Inc. find the root of the problem and decontaminate all areas affected by raccoons in your home.

Most companies only remove the feces and spray disinfectant in the affected area, which is fine, if the contamination is in a very small region. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to properly remove raccoon feces from any area, big or small. If you're having issues dealing with raccoons in Wixom, MI, we can help you find the best solution to eliminate all pathogens for you, your friends, and loved ones protection.